Marketing research

To ensure the expected level of sales of goods or services, an accurate analysis of the needs and expectations of the company’s potential and current customers is necessary. To achieve this goal, we offer our clients the opportunity to conduct marketing research in the area of:

  • research on brand awareness and current offer
  • researching the effectiveness of previous marketing activities
  • examining market saturation by competition
  • examining customer demand and expectations regarding the functionality and price of new products or services
  • examining the positioning of the current offer by customers against the background of competitors’ offers
  • purchasing satisfaction level survey
  • surveying the level of satisfaction with the quality of customer service
  • research into the assessment of customer experience at every stage of contact with the brand

We carry out marketing research using the following research methods:

  • CATI research – Computer-Assisted telephone interviews
  • CAWI research – Computer-Assisted Web Interviews
  • TDI research – Telephone Depth Interviews

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