About us

What we do?

Zielinet provides customer care services for business clients.

We serve our clients on all communication channels: telephone, fax, e-mail, SMS, live chat, instant messengers, social networking, websites.

We provide comprehensive customer service, from searching and acquiring customers and/or investors through presenting the offer, arranging sales meetings, remote sales, up to maintaining permanent relationships with customers, handling complaints and supporting the debt collection process in remote communication channels.

We also provide comprehensive Back-Office services (virtual secretariat), consisting of comprehensive telephone and electronic customer service on selected communication channels.


ZIELINET cooperates with leading suppliers of IT and telecommunications solutions on European and global markets in order to provide high-quality services, striving to satisfy and meet the needs and expectations of its customers.

business processes

We treat each client individually, trying to get to know and understand the individual needs of his business. Our consultants constantly develop their sales and customer service skills in selected industries and specialties. We create teams of consultants specializing in servicing companies from specific economic areas and industries and selling specific groups of products, which allows us to achieve better sales results and effectively build a positive customer experience.


We specialize in serving industries:

  • IT applications and services
  • production of machines and devices
  • online stores
  • recruitment and employee management