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Welcome to Zielinet

We are an innovative company that provides business services in the field of direct marketing, on-line sales support and multi-channel customer service.

What do you gain by using our services

  • objective information about the needs of your clients
  • assessment of the level of awareness of your brand and offer among potential customers
  • reasons for the lack of interest in the offer or the abandonment of shopping carts
  • standardized service for your customers on selected communication channels with a fixed level of service availability
  • constant monitoring of the satisfaction level of your customers
  • monitoring of your customers shopping paths and identification of the so-called “bottlenecks”
  • deferred payments monitoring
  • support for sales processes
  • recording and archiving of electronic documentation

We invite you to cooperate and use our services.
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handshakeCustomer service

    The service consists in commissioning the ZIELINET company to provide comprehensive services for your clients in electronic channels.
  • answering phone calls
  • giving information
  • handling of e-mail and SMS correspondence
  • handling communication with clients on social networks
  • product hotlines
  • registration of notifications and giving them statuses and forwarding them to the relevant departments of your company
  • accepting and registering complaints

The service is provided in accordance with the service availability level adopted under the contract with the Customer(SLA – Service Level Agreement).
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Person sitting at a desk with a laptop Back Office

    In the field of back office services, we offer:
  1. Virtual assistant
    • As part of this service, we offer:
    • preparation of studies and summaries
    • preparing a presentation
    • searching and analyzing information on the Internet
    • verification of contractors in public databases and registers
    • issuing and sending invoices to contractors
    • keeping a calendar of meetings
    • correspondence service
    • making a reservation
  2. transcriptions of digital recordings
  3. We offer a service consisting in the transcription of audio materials from recorded meetings, conferences, lectures or meetings to a text document in a format chosen by the client.

  4. creating digital audio materials
  5. We offer the possibility of creating audio material containing the reading of any text, e.g. notes or training materials using a synthetic voice or by a lector.

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The shield in the shield will mark a positive sign Payment monitoring

Payment gridlocks resulting from untimely payment of invoices by contractors carry the risk of losing financial liquidity and limiting the possibility of conducting current operations. The ZIELINET company offers its clients a service consisting in verification of clients in public registers, including economic information offices, assessment of their creditworthiness and monitoring of receivables. As part of the monitoring, reminders are sent to the Principal’s contractors about the upcoming and due payment dates.

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In the center of the circle, there is a person with a microphone - a telemarketer Direct marketing

Direct marketing services are provided under the following types of campaigns:

  • outbound phone campaigns
  • Inbound telephone campaigns
  • mixed telephone campaigns (outbound + inbound)
  • mailing campaigns
  • SMS campaigns
    Achieved goals of the campaign:
  • lead generation
  • arranging business meetings
  • teleshopping
  • after-sales customer satisfaction survey

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