Marketing research

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Direct marketing services

Telemarketing is one of the most effective forms of reaching potential customers with an offer. This service is dedicated in particular to companies introducing a new product or service to the market or starting a business and looking for new customers. As part of the service, a profile of potential customer is established, based on which a dedicated database is created.
Precise definition of the target group allows the offer to reach only people potentially interested in purchasing, thanks to which the Client saves time and money. Full registration of implemented marketing activities and generation of analytical data at each stage of service implementation allows for a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of the campaign and the attractiveness of the offer, as well as the level of brand recognition.
One of the forms of telemarketing is pre-ordering. The service allows you to examine the attractiveness of a new product or service and potential interest in purchasing it before it is introduced to the market. Using this service allows you to make adjustments to the offer or the product or service itself before full-scale marketing activities begin. Thanks to a precise analysis of customer needs, the Client will be able to determine the potential level of sales and adapt further activities to customer preferences.
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Social marketing

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Remote customer service

The service involves commissioning ZIELINET to comprehensively service your customers in electronic channels through:

  • answering phone calls
  • giving information
  • handling e-mail and SMS correspondence
  • receiving and sending faxes
  • handling communication with customers on social networks
  • product hotlines
  • registering requests, assigning them statuses and forwarding them to the appropriate company departments
  • receiving and registering complaints

The service is provided in accordance with the level of service availability adopted under the contract with the Client.

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Remote technical Support (help desk)

The service involves entrusting ZIELINET with providing technical support to users of products or services from the Client’s offer via electronic channels. The service consists in particular of:

  • creating a team of specialists appropriate to the Client’s needs, with appropriate experience, competences and technical knowledge necessary to provide technical support in relation to a specific group of products or services
  • receiving inquiries and requests on selected communication channels
  • helping customers solve a reported technical problem
  • creating a knowledge base covering the most frequently reported problems by customers
  • analyzing and reporting to the Client identified problems in the use of the product or service, including product defects, along with customer recommendations regarding possible changes and improvements
  • customer satisfaction survey with the quality of technical service

Contractor verification, payment monitoring and debt collection

Payment backlogs resulting from untimely payment of invoices by contractors carry the risk of loss of financial liquidity and limitation of the ability to conduct current operational activities. ZIELINET offers its clients a service consisting in verifying clients in public registers, including in economic information offices, assessing their creditworthiness and monitoring receivables. As part of the monitoring, reminders are sent to the Client’s contractors about the upcoming and due payment date.
Debt collection services include in particular:

  • telephone contacts with debtors in order to determine the repayment date
  • sending electronic reminders about the need to repay the debt
  • sending payment requests
  • preparing and sending lawsuits to e-court

Back office

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